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Managing Director

A highly-respected businessman, Dr MOHAMMED is all about daring to spread wings and venture out into new sectors, leaving behind marks of victory. With a mind crowded with innovative ideas, excellent strategies and a humane approach, he started off his first venture, Fayeda Travels, in the 1990s. This exposure to travel and tourism industry created the building blocks of his success today, with his fingers in many a fruitful pie.

His entrepreneurship skills and business acumen had him start off the Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals and Polyclinics in 2002, aiming to bring Oman’s private healthcare sector to a global level. It’s his desire to always deal with people in the spirit of integrity and warmth.

Awards & Accolades

Dr Mohammed’s dedication to his businesses and his humane approach towards his fellow colleagues and society in general, has not gone unappreciated. Today he is a highly-respected businessman in the Gulf region.

Oman’s Most-trusted Brand Award
Ministry of Health Honours Badr Al Samaa Group
OFA praises Badr Al Samaa Group

Dare to spread your wings and venture into new sectors

DR P A MOHAMMED Managing Director


You can directly write to our directors if you have any suggestion or complaints.

Key Positions

Some of the other prestigious key positions held by Dr P A Mohammed include the following prosperous businesses spread out across different countries:

  • Chairman, Fayeda Tours and Travels, India
  • Managing Director, Badr Al Samaa group of hospitals and Polyclinics
  • Chairman, Shifa Al Baraka Medical Centre, Makkah
  • Chairman, Shifa Jeddah Polyclinic, Sharafiah
  • Chairman Green Waves Holidays LLC
  • Chairman Golden Tulip Headington, Ruwi
  • Chairman Arabian Hotel Suppliers LLC
  • Chairman Jarzez hotel apartments, Hail
  • Managing Director, College of Engineering and Technology, India